Parents today have many worries for their youth. One of the greatest needs today is financial literacy and hardly anyone is teaching the basic concepts that are needed for our youth to face their future. Consider the following statistics from the National Financial Educators Council.

  • 57% of college graduates plan to move back in with their parents.
  • 62% of college graduates expect to leave school with an average of $27,236 in student debt.
  • 79% of college students wish they had more help to prepare for their financial future.

At Heritage, we cannot Build America’s Heroes if we do not teach basic financial literacy. To address this important problem, we have collaborated with some great organizations to provide your child with fundamental economic knowledge and financial literacy skills.

For the past three years, Heritage has teamed up with the University of Arizona to provide our scholars with an honors economics course titled, “Ethics, Economy, and Entrepreneurship.” This course is eligible for three university credits through the UA Department of Political Economy and Moral Science.  This department was ranked #1 in the world by its peers from Harvard, Oxford, Brown, and Michigan. The course prepares our scholars with the basics of free enterprise and the ethical challenges that go into a career in business, law, politics, education or journalism. Adam Smith would be proud of this course.

While our honors economics course covers the fundamentals of the macro and micro conditions in an economy, another great course for our scholars is Personal and Family Finance. This course is also eligible for three college credits through Rio Salado. (GBS132) This course teaches the principles and practices of personal and family financial planning. This includes skills like savings, budgeting, credit, and buying versus renting.  Other teachers cover these topics through the methods of Dave Ramsey.

If this is the first time you are learning about these incredible opportunities, then you are in luck. Registration for the 2018-2019 school year is right around the corner.

Dr. Benjamin Franklin said, “An Investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” We agree. That is why we offer not only the highest quality and most relevant content, but also an opportunity to hear college credit along the way!

Heritage Academy loves America. It is the land of opportunity. With a solid foundation in financial literacy, economics, and appreciation for the wonderful principles of freedom, our scholars will be stronger and better prepared for the many challenges they will face.