Welcome to our athletics page! Heritage Academy employs the best coaches & faculty in Arizona. Part of being the best includes knowing what makes a good team and how to have a fun while developing character in youth through academics and athletics. We invite you to come take a tour, meet our staff, come watch a game, and see how our awesome scholars are excelling on the court/field and off the court/field.


Do you have what it takes to play at the next level. Click on the link below to learn about college recruiting.

Some good reads recommended by our athletic staff:

1. “Coaching from the Sidelines”

2. Heritage Academy strongly encourages and recommends that all of our Athletes be Multi-Sport Athletes

Below are the forms that both scholars and parents need to review and fill out before participating in sports.

As a reminder, Heritage Academy has an academic eligibility requirement in order to compete. From our handbook: “Academic Eligibility to Compete: Scholar Athlete grades are checked at or before lunchtime every Monday during the sports season. Players must be passing with 70% or above in each of their individual classes to participate in the game/meet, or to practice after school, for that week. Eligibility, therefore, is determined on a week-to-week basis.”

Athletic Packet 2021-22-2


Mandatory material for all sport participants:

Athletic Participation Physical Evaluation

Athletic Code of Conduct

Parent Consent and Emergency Information Form

Sport Physicals


Heritage-Academy-Academic-Eligibility (1)

Football Camp Registration >>  Instructions for this summers camp: Please get paperwork from coach & fill out and return all required forms. Then make payment for camp HERE for Mesa athletes and HERE for Gateway athletes.  

Heritage Academy Athletics

Heritage Academy is excited about our baseball program, which is in a building phase this next year or two.

The team is becoming more competitive, and we offer opportunities for players who might need some skill development.  The main requirement is a strong commitment to building excellence and team loyalty.

Heritage has a number of boys and girls basketball teams for junior high, junior varsity and varsity levels.  Heritage competes in the Charter Athletic Association (CAA). Come join the program!

Click on “Calendar” above and sort on a team to view upcoming games.

Boys BB (V) 2021 Season

Boys JV 2021 Season

Boys JH Team 1 (2)


A Heritage of Success

  • 2020 – Varsity Boys, 2nd place, Class 2, CAA
  • 2010 – Jr. High Girls Eastern Division Champions, CAA
  • 2009 – Varsity Boys, 3rd place, Class A, CAA
  • 2008 – Varsity Girls, 2nd place, CAA Christmas Classic Tournament
  • 2006 – Varsity Girls, 3rd place, CAA
  • 2007 – Jr High Girls Eastern Conference Champions and State Champions, CAA
  • 2004 – Varsity Boys CAA Champions
  • 2004 – Jr High Boys Eastern Division Champions
  • 2003 – Jr High Boys Eastern Division Champions

Interested in bowling?  Come improve your skills by taking a class in bowling as one of your physical education classes!

Cross Country is open to both junior high and high school scholars. Come and try an open run with our Cross Country team.

Our coaches will partner with our scholars to help develop, their speed, strength, and endurance through out the cross country season.

Heritage Academy competes in the Canyon Athletic Association, Division 2

Over the past decade, few football programs in Arizona have enjoyed as much success as Heritage Academy. The Heroes have played in 10 state championship games since 2009, winning 7. Heritage competes in the Canyon Athletic Association (CAA) 8-man tackle football league. It is hard to find a better coach than Head Coach Jose Portilla, former Atlanta Falcon. Experience the wide-open style of Hero Football!

2020 Football season schedule

Heritage of Success

  • 2019 –2A State Champions
  • 2015 – 2A State Champions
  • 2014 – 3A State Champions
  • 2013 – 2A State Runners Up
  • 2012 – 3A State Champions
  • 2011 – 3A State Champions
  • 2010 – 2A Undefeated State Champions
  • 2009 – 1A State Runners Up, Division 1A
  • 2009, 2010, 2012 – Division Champions
  • 2015 – Casey Jarman – State Championship Game MVP
  • 2015 – Colton Kemp – Defensive Player of the Year
  • 2011 – Garrett Denman – State Championship Game MVP
  • 2010 – Jose Jimenez – State Championship Game MVP
  • 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 – Coach of the Year, Spencer Bowers
  • 2005 – State Champions, High School flag football program

Interested in golf?  Learn the game and improve your skills by taking a golf class for one of your physical education credits!  We play at local 9-hole courses in Mesa, AZ.

Congrats to the following Heritage Kenpo students for earning their Black Belt: Daniel Gallacher, Kevin Rowse, Lisa Fischer, and Vince Santos!  Well done!

Since 1995, Kenpo classes have been taught by Jon Duke.  Mr. Duke was the first certified Advanced American Kenpo Concepts instructor in the State of Arizona.

Mr. Duke’s martial art certifications include:

  1. 1995 – International Martial Arts Instructor License issued by the Matsusokan Karate Association
  2. 2002 – Teaching Credential Advanced American Kenpo issued by Martial Science University
  3. 2002 – 4th Degree Black Belt – Advanced American Kenpo issued by Martial Science University
  4. 2003 – 5th Degree Black Belt – Hakutsuru Master Level issued by Sandoval Karate Kobudo Federation

Heritage has an outstanding co-ed soccer program for junior high, junior varsity and varsity levels.  Come out and play!

A Heritage of Success!

  • 2008 – Eastern Conference Champions and State Runner-up, Varsity Co-ed Soccer, Charter Athletic Association (CAA)
  • 2008 – 3rd Place, Jr High Co-ed Soccer, CAA
  • 2007 – Division and State Champions, Varsity Co-ed Soccer, CAA
  • 2003 – Jr High Co-ed Soccer Champions, CAA


  • 2014 Champions of the CAA Eastern Conference, Class A
  • 2010 Champions of the CAA Eastern Conference, Class A
  • 2010 State Runner-up, CAA


Interested in tennis?  Come improve your skills by taking a class in tennis for one of your physical education credits!

Heritage Success

  • 2019 – C.A.A. Class 2 State Champions

Heritage competes in the Charter Athletic Association for junior high, junior varsity and varsity girls volleyball.  Can you jump, set or spike?  Come out and play!

2020 Volleyball Season Schedules.

2020 Girls Volleyball Schedule Varsity

2020 Girls Volleyball Schedule Junior Varsity (1) (1) (1)

Girls Volleyball Junior High Team 1 (1)


Heritage of Success

  • 2014 – Varsity State Runner-up
  • 2012 – Varsity State Champions
  • 2012 – Jr High – Conference Champions
  • 2010 – Varsity Tournament Champions, Spike It Classic Volleyball Invitational, Silver Division
  • 2009 – State Champions, Junior Varsity
  • 2009 – Varsity Tournament Champions, Spike It Classic Volleyball Invitational, Silver Division
  • 2008 – 3rd Place, Jr High Girls
  • 2005 – State 3rd Place, Varsity Girls


This class offers students an opportunity to improve their strength and basic athletic conditioning. Students and teacher will work together to fit the individual’s needs. Classes are held in our own fitness center.