Dear Scholars and Parents,

Welcome to Heritage Academy! Here at Heritage, we are dedicated to youth, their growth and development. We believe in building sound character through strong families, strong communities and a strong nation.

Heritage Academy is a public charter school. It is a school of choice. Because you have chosen to come here, you need to know that more will be expected of you. Generally, our standards are higher than most other schools, both academically and personally. If you have come here thinking school will be academically easier, you may want to rethink your decision. Heritage Academy does not back away in the least from high expectations of our scholars.

While teaching the academic disciplines, Heritage Academy is also dedicated to instilling into the minds and hearts of our youth knowledge of and respect for the ideals and values of the great men and women of history, including those who founded the American nation. As they gain an appreciation of these people of accomplishment, they will be ready to provide the selfless service to their fellow citizens and to their country. This is the responsibility of our youth in the coming years to assist in restoring America’s greatness and Heritage Academy exists to this end. Heritage Academy provides opportunities for many educational field trips and American heritage tours. These are unique privileges and will be open to all scholars who qualify to participate.

Another difference you will find here is our learning environment. Our dress and behavior standards are higher than many schools. These guidelines are part of the reasons why we have such a great atmosphere at our school.  

You will find our teachers are top notch! We recruit only the best. Our Alumni say that the teachers here made their experience at Heritage a valuable and more successful one. Our faculty are not only highly qualified and well experienced, but most of them come from rich backgrounds which include work in the private and public sector. This adds a more engaging expression of the subjects they teach and their application. Our faculty care deeply about the student body and focus each day on their success.

An exciting addition to the curriculum is the opportunity for our scholars to receive college credit by registering for dual enrollment classes held here at Heritage. This program is very strong and will continue to grow. Many students have graduated with their Associates Degree at the same time they graduated from Heritage Academy. This is an exciting time in education and we look forward to seeing you on campus!


Dr. Travis Moore