Hello Parents, Teachers and Scholars!

If you didn’t have a chance to attend the PTO meeting tonight, below we have a few points to help you be in the “know!”

5 Updates from the Meeting:

  1. The Pep Club is seeking a teacher sponsor to continue their terrific work with the students!  Dr. Moore has been helping with this, but it’s time for another teacher to take over!  Step right up! J
  2. The emphasis of Dress Code is:  Modesty, Cleanliness and Professionalism.  A lively conversation took place about dress code pertaining to sports, PE classes and winter wear.
  3. Did you know you can get Dress Code attire for PE from Educational Outfitters for a modest $8-$12 cost?  (It’s dry-wear fabric with Heritage Academy Logo) Yea!
  4. The PTO will be helping with periodic teacher appreciation lunches.  We will of course need parental help with this.  Be on the lookout for volunteer sign-ups.  What an easy way to help with school morale.
  5. The spring school service project will be helping with the Special Olympics the weekend of April 13-14.  This will be our second year in a row helping with this event and we look forward to serving again.  Mark your calendars. J

Join us for the next PTO meeting on Tuesday February 20th at 7 p.m in Room 1.  We are better together!