Trophy Case

Heritage Academy Mesa Athletic Success for 2022-23

Cross Country: HS Boys State Participants

Cross Country JH Boys: State Champions Division 2 

Cross Country HS Girls: State Runner Up

Cross Country JH Girls: State Runner Up

Flag Football: State Participants

Football: State Semi-Finalist

Swimming Girls: State Champions Division 2

Swimming Boys: State 4th Place

Swimming JH Girls: State Participant 

Swimming JH Boys: State Participant  

Girls Volleyball HS: State Quarterfinalist

Girls Volleyball JV HS: N/A

Girls Volleyball JH: State Playoffs First Round 

Boys Soccer: State Quarterfinalist Division 2

Baseball JH: First full year Member 

Girls Softball JH: State First Round

Basketball Girls Varsity: DNQ

Basketball Girls JH: DNQ

Basketball Boys Varsity: State Semi-Finalist

Basketball Boys JV: N/A

Tennis Boys HS: N/A

Tennis Girls HS: N/A

Tennis Boys JH: N/A

Tennis Girls JH: N/A

Girls Softball HS: State Runner Up

Baseball HS: DNQ

Basketball Boys JH: DNQ

Coed Soccer HS: State Quarterfinalist

Coed Soccer JH State First Round

Track and Field Boys HS: State Participant 

Track and Field Girls HS: State Runner Up

Boys Volleyball: State Finalist

Region Championships -7

Teams Winning Percentage- 680.00

State Championship Appearance -7

State Champions -2

State Runner up -5

Three Year State Championship Appearance -22

State Championship- 9

State Runner up – 13

All-State, All-Region -24

Three-year winning Percentage -725.00

Region Championships- 22

Three Year run of All-State, All-Region-61

Heritage Academy Mesa Athletic Success for 2021-22

Cross Country: Boys State Participant

Cross Country: Girls State Runner Up

Flag Football: State Runner Up

Football: State Runner UP

Swimming Girls: State Champions (Division 2)

Swimming Boys: State Participant 

Girls Volleyball: Did not Qualify

JH Girls Basketball: Did not Qualify

JH Baseball: New Sport

Boys Basketball: State Semi-Finalist

Girls Basketball: State Quarterfinalist

JH Girls Volleyball: First round playoffs

Softball: State Semi-Finalist 

Baseball: Did Not qualify

JH Boys Basketball: State Participant

JH Coed Soccer: State Participant

HS Coed Soccer: State Semi-Finalist

Track and Field Boys: State Participant

Track and Field Girls: State Participant 

Tennis Boys: State Doubles Runner up

Tennis JH Girls: State Singles Runner up

Boys Volleyball: State Champions (6-Times)

Region Championship -7

Teams winning Percentage – .690

Heritage Academy Mesa Athletic Success for 2020-21

Cross Country: Boys State Champions

Cross Country: Girls State Participant

Girls Volleyball: State Runner Up (Division 2)

Flag Football: State Participant

Football: State Champion (2-time) (Division 2)

Boys Basketball: State Champions (Division 3)

Swim Girls: State Champions

Swim Boys: State Runner Up

Coed JH Soccer: State Participant

Tennis two Individual: State Participants (New Sport)

Track and Field Individual: State Participants (New Sports)

Baseball: State Semi-Finalist

Softball: State Semi-Finalist

Coed HS Soccer: State Runner Up (Division 2)

Boys Volleyball: State Champions (Division 2)

Region Championships – 8

15 Teams winning Percentage .890

State Championship Appearances 8

State Champions-5

State Runner Up-3

Football Semi-Finalist 2018
Football Champions 2018
Football Champions 2016
Football Champions 2015
Football Runner-UP 2014
Football Champions 2013
Football Champions 2012
Football Champions 2011
Football Runner-UP 2010
Flag Football Champions 2008
Flag Football Jr High 2nd Place 2012
Flag Football Football Division II Champions 2014
Flag Football Football Division II Champions 2013
Boys Volleyball Champions 2017
Boys Volleyball Champions 2016
Soccer Varsity Conference Champions 2016
Soccer Varsity Champions 2007
Soccer Varsity Champions 2008
Soccer Jr High Champions 2003
Soccer Jr High 3rd Place 2008
Volleyball Girls Varsity Champions 2013
Volleyball Girls Varsity Runner-UP 2014
Volleyball Girls Varsity Runner-UP 2015
Volleyball Girls Varsity Runner-UP 2017
Volleyball Girls JV Runner Up 2017
Volleyball Girls JV Conference Champions 2015
Volleyball Girls JV Champions 2012
Volleyball Girls JV Champions 2010
Volleyball Girls JV Conference Champions 2014
Volleyball Girls Jr High 3rd Place 2008
Volleyball Jr High Conference Champions 2016
Softball Champions 2015
Softball Runner-UP 2017
Softball Runner-UP 2014
Softball Runner-UP 2013
Softball Runner-UP 2011
Basketball JV boys Champions 2014
Basketball Varsity Boys Conference Champions 2010
Basketball Varsity Boys 3rd Place 2010
Basketball Varsity Boys 3rd Place 2009
Basketball Varsity Boys Champions 2004
Basketball Varsity Boys Champions 2001
Basketball Girls Jr High Champions 2012
Basketball Girls Varsity Conference Champions 2010
Basketball Girls Jr High Conference Champions 2014
Basketball Girls Varsity 2nd Place 2007
Basketball Girls Varsity Conference Champions 2007
Basketball Girls Jr High Conference Champions 2006
Baseball Varsity Boys Conference Champions 2016
Baseball Jr High Conference Champions 2012
Baseball Jr High Champions 2012
Swimming Girls State Champions 2017
Swimming Boys Runner up 2017
Swimming Girls Runner UP 2018
Swimming Boys Runner up 2018