Thank you for learning more about Performing & Visual Arts at Heritage Academy! Our arts program is second to none! With an incredible staff, made of the best talent from across the state, we have created a place where those interested in the arts can thrive and succeed. The majority of our scholars who participate in the arts continue with their new skills beyond high school.


Here is a brief overview of our program:


Ballroom Dance






Photography/Digital Imaging

Stage Craft



April 5th:

January 30th:

Talent here is off. the. charts.! This past weekend the AMEA held their Choir & Orchestra Regional Festival auditions, and Heritage Academy had MORE students than any other high school in the region make it into the Regional Festival Honor Choir! TWENTY ONE choir scholars total! Aaaaaand…. if that wasn’t impressive enough, SEVEN instrumental scholars made it into the regional orchestra! Not only will they be performing on February 18th at the festival, but they are now eligible to audition for the All-State Festival. Another win for the music department was 2 groups (1 soloist and 1 vocal duet) received a “Superior” rating during the Solo & Ensemble competition which moves them to the next tier of competition.
We are constantly impressed by our scholars, their dedication to their talents, and the faculty here who coach and encourage them. Congrats to everyone involved!