Dear Heritage Families,

With the recent news over the #RedforEd movement and the pending teacher walk out at some schools, we have received a number of questions regarding our position and impact on our calendar.

Since 1995, Heritage Academy has always had positive relationships and open communication with our state leadership on school funding, state standards, and many other topics.

Our approach has always been to work directly with our elected officials, decision makers, and other stakeholders to provide honest feedback and to improve educational opportunities for our families.

Heritage supports the need for increased funding for our teachers and our schools. Our teachers work extremely hard for the success of each child and they deserve high praise for the professionalism they have displayed this year. We are pleased that a vigorous discussion is currently underway to improve funding for Arizona teachers and schools.

At this time, we have no plans to close school this week or next. We are moving ahead with all classes, games, concerts, tours, trips, graduation and all other activities! Missing school is counterproductive to the academic achievement of our scholars.

Our teachers have projects and great lessons planned, we do not want to have students miss out on these opportunities. With our four-day block schedule, missing even one day is the same as missing two days at other schools.

The success of every scholar is always our top priority. Building America’s Heroes is a task we take seriously. Thank you for the continued trust you place in Heritage Academy.


Jared Taylor


Heritage Academy

Open Positions



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