Heritage families,

We want to communicate in regards to driveline today.  School starts in a few days and our morning and afternoon drop offs will begin.

Thank you for your patience with DRIVELINE as we get started with the year. It always begins a little rough and then runs more smoothly as we all learn the process.

You will see Heritage staff out in the morning and afternoons to help guide you. Please be respectful towards them and other parents.

A few items to help the process run smoothly –

In back (on Drew Street):

  • For all lanes, pull as far north as you can. Do not drop off or pick up scholars by the junior high stairs. Please pull all the way up toward the dumpsters so we can keep traffic flowing and off Drew Street.

  • The far right lane is our designated Carpool Lane. Please use this lane if your carload needs extra time getting in and out of the car.

  • The left lane is for quick drop-off or pick up. 

  • Keep the far left lane open for vehicles to exit. No stopping, loading, or unloading in this lane. 

  • If you need to park during these rush hours, please use the City of Mesa parking lot west of Drew Street.

  • Scholars are expected to use the crosswalk and not J walk across Drew Street if they are crossing.

In front (on Center Street):

  • There is 10 minute parking at the front of the school. Mesa PD will issue a ticket if you U turn. Do not park in this space before or after school. If you are waiting for you scholar, park along 1st Avenue.

  • The alley will be closed for the next 12 months. The Heritage parking area will no longer be accessible from Main Street.


  • Scholars are welcome to drive to school. Parking permits are required and can be picked up at the front office. We suspect we will run out on the first day. We do not have enough spaces for everyone who wants to park – please carpool, if possible. Seniors and Juniors are given priority. Other free parking is along 1st Avenue and in the church parking lot south of campus (not FUMC).

  • Parking is becoming more difficult in downtown Mesa. The City will ticket anyone who violates the permitted spaces and the 2 hour parking spaces in the city lot west of the school. All 1 hour parking spaces now require a tan permit.

  • Please be courteous to our business neighbors. Do not use their parking spaces or block their parking lots. If you need to wait for your scholar, park over in the Bank of America parking lot. Do not clog up the spaces behind Main Street businesses.

Thank you for your help.
It’s going to be another great year at Heritage Academy Mesa!
Mesa Administration