Tours & Retreats

Heritage Academy offers our scholars opportunities and experiences, outside of school hours, that help build character, learn new skills, and provide memories that will last a lifetime. These experiences are packaged into “Tours” and have been part of the Heritage Academy experience for the past 23 years.

Here are some tours that are currently offered for the 2017-2018 school year:

Jr. History Tour

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Arts Retreat

The Fine Arts Winter Retreat is designed to provide an educational retreat away from the normal school environment. Students will participate in daily intense workshops to learn new repertoire and perform for each other before returning home.  Friendships are built, teams are formed, and students work hard to improve and/or learn new skills!  They will also have time for other recreational activities.  We love to work with and get to know these students better and prepare them for a great semester. Info for: Tonto Rim Camp

Click HERE for a flyer with all the information. Click HERE for the schedule. Click HERE for the details & camp rules

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Dance Company Tour

One of the purposes in creating a dance company at Heritage Academy is to provide an opportunity for the top dancers to travel together and experience dance outside of class. This tour is the largest effort for outside experience in dance. This year our tour will take us to California, specifically Santa Monica, Los Angeles and Anaheim. Dance Tour info HERE

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